Hearts of June is Moving | Read Here for More Details

Hearts of June is moving…we are moving from http://www.heartsofjune.wordpress.com to http://heartsofjune.com/.  FYI Those who are subscribed to Hearts of June your subscriptions will be coming along with us.  If you are not subscribed please subscribe by going to http://heartsofjune.com/ and share your email.

Thank you so much!

What’s On Your Fall 2013 Wish List?

Can you believe that the summer season is winding down? I know where did it go?

After summer must come fall! And the fall season is slowly creeping up on us; its almost time to start re-vamping our wardrobes.  Its time to start thinking knits, boots, and layers.  So today I want to know what are some of the pieces you have on your radar for Fall 2013.  Have you seen a pair of boots, a jacket, or handbag that you can’t wait to get your hands on (or maybe you already have)?

Share your wish list here!!

Fall Wish List