Jeweled by Mimi Giveaway | Final Count Down Enter To Win

Quick question! Are you keeping up with your arm candy?  Yes, the accessories on your wrist.  Well, there is always room to add a few more pieces to your collection and why not try to win some brand new accessories.  If you haven’t already you can still enter for a chance to win a set of bracelet by Jeweled by Mimi.  There are four days left, you can enter here: Jeweled by Mimi Giveaway

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In the Spotlight on Socialbliss | Check out my street style picks

News Flash! I am currently being featured on Socialbliss and you can now check out my favorite street style finds and more on the Socialbliss Spotlight Page.

Check it out here:


What is Socialbliss?

The style hunt is on and Socialbliss is here to connect fashion-forward influencers from around the world. Presented in the style of a fashion magazine, Socialbliss offers access to the hottest sourced looks. Buy and sell your version of The Look: new, used, designer or affordable.

Discover trending styles you love and make them yours today.

It’s pure, sweet, Socialbliss.

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Shop My Closet | Spring Cleaning Tip

This weekend in between all of the holiday weekend festivities, I spent some time cleaning out my closet.  I know cleaning out our closets can be a daunting task, so instead of doing it all in one day I decided to do a little at a time.  I still have more to go and the important thing is that I at least got started.

Now, let me get to the good part.  So, while going through this process, I found several pieces (shoes, dresses, skirts, ie) that were gently used or brand new.  And since I do not want to hold on to them for another season, I’m giving readers a chance to Shop My Closet on Tradesy.  You can check out the link and if you have any questions you can always send me a message.

Happy Shopping!

Tip: If you haven’t worn an item in your closet in at least two years, you may want to follow the two-year-rule.  Chances are, if you haven’t worn something in your closet in that amount of time; you’re not going to wear it at all.  Donate it, sell it, or swap it with a friend.  Of course if it has sentimental value you may want to make other considerations.

What are some of your tips to keep your closet organized?

Arm Candy | Jeweled by Mimi on my wrist

I am a huge fan of arm candy!  I love to layer on the pieces, mix up the colors, shapes, textures, and then mix it up again.  However, there have been times when I have gone out without my arm candy and I felt ( for the lack of a better word) BARE.  Ugh! To achieve this feeling of un-bareness, I need to pile on at least three pieces on both wrist…tops.  Did I mention I was a fan?

Well, if you are an arm candy fan like myself or considering become one, check out the pic below and see I how I rock my pieces.

The assortment of pieces that I am wearing today, includes an anchor bracelet from  Jeweled by Mimi’s Anchors Away set, which was gifted to me. Isn’t it cute? And perfect for spring/summer?  If you are interested in the Jeweled by Mimi collection you can always check out their website or you can enter the  giveaway that was launched this week.  We have partnered to give one lucky reader a chance to win a set of bracelets from the latest collection.  You may submit here: Giveaway | Jeweled by Mimi bracelets enter to win