The Key To Getting Dressed

I recently did a quick on camera interview for an up and coming shows pilot, the show will be about fashion and relationships.  If the show gets picked up by a major network then you may be able to hear all the questions that were asked.  (I will be sure to share)  One of the questions that were asked was my secret to getting dressed.  When I answered the question, my immediate answer was dress comfortable.  Although, most of the time I don’t give it much thought.  I get dressed differently all the time.  I don’t have one look, a favorite color, or a favorite silhouette…My style is always changing.  So, I guess my answer would vary depending on the day, the week, the moment, and so on.

So, as I re-think the question.  I would say that simplicity is the key.  I know everyone has their own ideas as to what the word simple means but I would say don’t try too hard.  The way you dress should be an expression of who you are not the other way around.  Oh and don’t forget to have fun!!



What’s your secret?





4 thoughts on “The Key To Getting Dressed

  1. I love cold weather dressing because then I get to wear layers and textures and can play with subtle blending and contrasting colour. I have three favourite summer things for very hot weather – they are elegant, simple and feminine, easy to wear but look appropriately special. I do agree that the best clothes are the ones that you can forget once you put them on, Clothes are fun and a great way to express ones joy of life at that particular moment.

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