Throwback Thursday | Essence Magazine Street Style Feature

Back in April of this year, I attended the 4th Annual Fashion 500 event hosted by The Block Association, one of NYC premier event planning groups.  The event took place on a Sunday afternoon and was hosted at the Rivington Hotel on the Lower East Side.  Many guest sat and had brunch, while others threw back cocktails, and enjoyed the music being projected from the speakers.  I did a little bit of both.

Well, upon my arrival I was stopped by a freelance photographer from Essence Magazine, she said she wanted to take a picture of me for their Street Style section.  So, today on Throw Back Thursday (#tbt).  I would like to share the picture.


 You can check out the full feature here: Street Style: Springing into Style

What is Fashion 500?

“FASHION 500 serve as the anchor event for Black Fashion Month, the Block Association’s bid to deem April the month we official celebrate black fashion and pay homage to Blackfashion icons, taste makers and trendsetters.”

Tee: Splash
Skirt: Camilla Tree
Necklace: Vintage Store in Spain
Jacket: Berman’s Vintage Leather
Bag: Unknown
Heels: Steve Madden

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